When it comes to brain supplements, you need to choose carefully to make sure it has the right dosage and active ingredients to have an effect on your body and brain. MXEL does, with us, you’ll enhance your brain and enhance your life. To make sure you select the right product, we have made an extensive analysis of the top ten nootropic companies. Here are the results in order of effectiveness.

1. MXEL Boost 

MXEL Boost contains a strong choline source (Alpha GPC), coluracetam- one strongest members of the racetam family.  Coluracetam is a cognitive enhancer which is essentially driving choline into the brain at a faster rate producing more acetylcholine. This lets the mitochondria of the brain fire more quickly. Given it is so powerful, a dose of 20mg is enough to get the wanted effect. These 2 are paired with Ginkgo biloba which slows cognitive decline and enhances memory.  It also helps control stress, cholesterol levels, and skin care. Lion’s mane mushroom, the final ingredient, reduces anxiety and depression, slows cognitive decline, enhances memory and prevents both brain inflammation and amyloid protein formation. Thus, mood is regulated,  the brain’s waste products are managed and cognition and memory enhanced while providing a raw fuel source to use and prevent burnout.

2. Neuro1

Neuro1 has all of the familiar ingredients found in a nootropic stack; alpha GPC, piracetam, vinpocetine, huperzine, tyrosine, DMAE, Bacopa, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, caffeine, taurine, some B vitamins but no format was given, phenylalanine is a new one- it’s used in the construction of most neurotransmitters. It is generally found in all the diets.  If you are missing this you either have a broken gut or don’t eat food. Glucuronolactone helps absorb the vitamin C but provides no other benefit, l-theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, 5htp which decreases stress, increases sleep, and decreases appetite.  Word of caution, 5HTP can mess up medications that use the serotonin pathway.  Inositol, carnitine, magnesium, ALA, Phosphatidylserine, zinc, coq10 (no form given which will alter how well it is absorbed and used), selenium.  Basically, this is an ok product; a racetam with a choline source, some vitamins, some adaptogenic herbs and even some minerals. Where it can go wrong is some of its components can interfere with medications and some generally aren’t needed if you are eating a healthy diet. Some of these ingredients have a hard time surviving digestion, like coq10, so without format and dosing, you could be buying snake oil.

3. Tru Brain

Tru Brain contains piracetam and citicoline, an excellent base with a choline source and a racetam member for enhanced cognition. L-theanine for calming mood effects which are good but not as powerful as ashwagandha. Magnesium which most people are deficient in but the format is not mentioned so it may not be absorbed. Tyrosine which can be found in your diet if you eat real food is a minor help when it comes to increasing cognition, wakefulness and memory. It also blocks the absorption of other dopamine neurotransmitters. People who take MAOIs cannot safely take excess tyrosine as it can lead to a hypertensive crisis and people taking stimulants need to be careful as it alters stimulatory levels in the brain. DHA- one of the main omega 3 fatty acids, the form is not indicated so absorption may be an issue there as well. Good for memory and cell health. Carnitine. Not needed if the diet is healthy, but helps with all aspects of brain function. Overall this is a good nootropic. The problem, it doesn’t contain enough active nootropic to provide a substantial kick.

4. Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain contains Bacopa Monnieri and Alpha GPC. Cat’s claw which has no evidence for cognition or mood enhancement is also found in this product. It does increase white blood cell count and function. This has nothing to do with nootropics. It may have cognitive and memory effects in people but nothing has been demonstrated as of 2013 in any research that was made about it. It contains huperzine A which increases acetylcholine concentration and protects the brain from damage, this is good but not as effective as Lion’s Mane Mushroom would be.  That choice was likely made by Alpha Brain as it is cheaper. It contains no vitamins, nor any racetams, like coluracetam for example. There is also nothing for mood regulation in their formulation.

5. Excelerol

Excelerol contains Vitamins B12, B1, huperzine, vinpocetine, DMAE, carnitine, bacopa Monnier, Rhodiola Rosea and 2 choline sources. Now, it also contains guarana which is essentially a caffeine form which also provides neuroprotection, although it cannot be taken by patients with heart problems, like other stimulants as it can lead to dependence and abuse, kola nut extract (caffeine), peppermint oil (reduces IBS, nausea, headache pain, but has no effect on cognition memory or mood.  Is this a nootropic or a digestive aid? Holy basil has some effects on liver detox and increased testosterone.  It also kills sperm in males in high doses and it is pro-inflammatory and should be matched with strong anti-inflammatory diet or supplements to prevent cellular effects. There are reasons to take this for a short time, but this will have negative chronic effects. Green tea extract, great for fat burning but no cognitive effects at all.  Ginkgo biloba which is great for memory which is rather far down the list and there are no amounts indicated on the product.  It has white tea, which contains GABA and black tea, which is pretty much caffeine.  This product contains adaptogens stimulants and digestive aides. It is rather an odd mix.

6. Cabalo

Cabalo contains alpha GPC, piracetam, oxiracetam, pramiracetam, noopept, tyrosine, and magnesium. It is a basic nootropic . It misses out on some B vitamins and some adaptogens. Not a bad product, just incomplete. The doses appear to be good but again, little for brain health and mood regulation.

7. Neurofuse

Neurofuse contains bacopa Monnier , Rhodiola Rosea, Caffeine. The problem with using caffeine in nootropics is it gives the user a rush but masks the true effects of the other cognitive and memory enhancing components. Theanine, two forms of vitamins B, vitamin D3, which is surprising as it needs a fat to be absorbed in the system.  Vinpocetine, this alters blood brain barrier sensitivity temporarily allowing more stuff to enter, which is clever but theoretically lets bad stuff in as well if the user is not careful. Huperzine, a choline source, phosphatidylserine which at high doses increases cognition and memory, however, the company doesn’t list the dosage, so no way to know.  It also reduces stress and protects the brain from inflammation, Dmae, a different choline source called Dimethylethanolamine by its long name), some believe helps prevent cognitive decline, but the evidence isn’t conclusive yet.  A better and proven option is Lion’s Mane Mushroom or Ginkgo Biloba or any of the racetams.

8. Optimind

Optimind contains bacopa Monnier, vinpocetine, two types of B vitamins, vitamin D3, caffeine, and taurine.  The product has no cognitive effect and only minimal memory effect.  It just increases energy and if the user eats meat or fish, he will get enough and won’t need to take Optimind, It has GABA which we manufacture endogenously and rarely can survive digestion or pass the blood-brain barrier.  Phosphatidylserine, ALA to transport the D3, which is not needed as people generally eat enough fat to transport their fat-soluble vitamins in the blood and finally huperzine, a choline source. This is a nice mood regulator but not a true nootropic.

9. Nootrobox

Nootrobox has three variants. Sprint has B vitamins, caffeine, inositol, it exists in the diet and behaves like a B vitamin, glucuronolactone which may help in aerobic exercise, blood circulation, and vitamin C synthesis. Yawn to help you sleep.  There are people need to be careful as melatonin, a hormone, often abused, creates dependence.  Magnesium citrate has high absorption.  Glycine which is found in various food and has a cognitive enhancing effect and improves sleep quality. Also l-theanine for mood and relaxation. The rest is bacopa Monnier, Rhodiola Rosea, and alpha GPC. An excellent energizer and mood regulator while providing the brain basic nutrients for cognition. It doesn’t actually improve cognition. They have no racetams to enhance cognition or memory either.

10. Nootroo

Nootroo contains noopept or phenylpiracetam (phenylpiracetam is banned by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and most sports organizations, because it not only increases short-term memory, it increases resistance to cold stress and endurance.  No athlete in any serious competition can take this nootropic.  A CDP-choline source, l-theanine, and caffeine are also present. The problem with using caffeine in nootropics is it gives the user a rush but masks the true effects of the other cognitive and memory enhancing components. If all you wanted was caffeine, grab a coffee, not a pill.  Furthermore, while l-theanine does mediate mood, ashwagandha would do it better and in addition, would have other physiological effects. This is an ok nootropic with definite effects but far from complete.